When things seem rather out of hand,
For me, I’m in a wonderland,
Your clothes are lying in a heap,
But really that’s just Bo Peep’s sheep,
The cornflakes spilled around the house,
Is food set out for a cartoon mouse,
And when I jump upon the bed,
It’s a bouncy castle in my head,
So don’t get cross, don’t get mad,
Just think of all the fun I’ve had.

An Old Tin

Poem on photo of colourful paper clips, buttons, etc.

Aunty has an old tin
That she keeps all manner in:
Clips for paper, clips for hair,
Lots of buttons going spare,
Lottery tickets that didn’t win,
A tiny brooch without a pin,
And those old rings she doesn’t wear,
Inside a sock that lost its pair.
I think that one day
She’ll put me in there.