No Running – Mustard & Jess P106

Mustard & Jess teletext comic.
Description Jess is relaxing on the sofa when Mustard comes bounding into the room. She says, “No running in the house, Mustard. You’ll get…” She is interrupted by Mustard knocking over a cactus. He cries out, “Ouch!” Jess finishes what she was saying, “Hurt.”

No Ball Games – Mustard & Jess P105

Mustard & Jess teletext comic.
Description Mustard and Jess are in a park. There’s a sign which reads “No ball games”. Mustard the dog is jumping around, playing with something. At first glance it appears to be a small red ball. Jess stares at him with her hands on her hips. Mustard says, “What? It doesn’t say no apple games.”


Teletext art of blue cat playing with red hat on yellow background
Teletext art of blue cat turned away from an empty white plate on cyan background

Milo was a cat
Who got so very fat
That the vet would say
“Only one meal a day”
Which is why he ate my hat.

When Milo lost some weight
He slipped out through the gate
But I had a hunch
He’d be back by lunch
To steal it from my plate.


When things seem rather out of hand,
For me, I’m in a wonderland,
Your clothes are lying in a heap,
But really that’s just Bo Peep’s sheep,
The cornflakes spilled around the house,
Is food set out for a cartoon mouse,
And when I jump upon the bed,
It’s a bouncy castle in my head,
So don’t get cross, don’t get mad,
Just think of all the fun I’ve had.